Marvel at the splendor of the Egyptian Luxor temple

You love the magnificent ancient architecture but are familiar with the mysterious pyramid towers, the Luxor Egypt Temple is a destination that you definitely cannot miss.

Introducing the Luxor Egyptian temple

Luxor in Egyptian is "ipet resyt", meaning the southern sacred place, is a temple complex located on the east bank of the Nile River , in the territory of the city of Luxor (Thebes), Egypt. The temple was built in 1400 BC by Amenhotep III and Alexander and completed by Tutankhamun and Ramesses II with an area of ​​4.75 hectares.

Unlike the other temples in Luxor , the Egyptian Luxor temple not only worships the three gods of ancient Egypt, Amun, Mut and Chons, but also a place to coronate the kings and become a cannon.
Before being found, the temple experienced a lot of tragedy: being buried by desert sands, burned and destroyed by Arabs and Christians, so it was only half of the structure. . By 1885, archaeologists had to dig a whole village to "excavate" this temple and be protected to this day.

The ancient and majestic look of Luxor Egypt temple

Luxor Temple was built primarily of sandstone taken from the Gebel Silsileh quarry located southwest of Luxor city. This is also the type of stone often used to reconstruct monuments in Upper Egypt.
Initially, Ramesses II had built in front of the temple gate two obelisks towers of pink marble 25 meters high, towering like sky pillars. But now there is only one tower because the smaller remaining tree is placed in Concorde square in Paris, France.
If you look closely, you'll see on the body of the tower is also sculpted the triumphant scenes of Ramesses, the Pharaons or the Nubian dynasty 25, making the tower more soulful and alive.
In general, Luxor Temple of Egypt is not as big as Karnak temple, but its structure has similarities from the gate, the obelisk tower at the entrance, the sphinx statues, the spacious yard of worship to the columns.
The main entrance to the temple is located 6 giant statues of Ramsesses II with 4 standing statues and 2 sitting statues, one with a crown, and another with a war hat, but now only 2 remain stately sitting there as the epiphany of the living saints.

Marvel at the splendor of the Egyptian Luxor templeTwo huge statues still stand the test of time (Image @izferreiraa)

Luxor temple has 3 main compartments. The first pavilion was home to the solar boat during the Roman occupation. Because they thought the most dangerous place was the safest place, they sealed this room as a base. Today, visiting here, you can still see the traces they left behind are images of jesus with angels on the walls and ceiling.
Continue to the rest room of the god Amun couple. And the last space, where there is still a trace of a church, shows that Catholics used to take advantage of this temple for a while before Alexander the Great built a small chamber in the middle of the room to offer to Amun.
But perhaps the most impressive thing for travelers is a room with hundreds of giant pillars like a rocky reed lake. Each pillar is designed like a flower, on the columns are carved with very delicate shapes. This is also the sacred shooting angle of every tourist visiting the temple.

Interesting things when visiting Luxor temple Egypt

Not only is the tourist attraction attracting a lot of visitors but this ancient temple is also an inspiration for many artists to create impressive works of art.
If you come here on festive occasions, especially the Opet - the wedding anniversary of Amun and Mut, you will witness the people here bringing the statues of Amun, Muti and Khonsu - their sons came out. 
This holiday takes place during the flood season, when the Nile water rises, so will use the boat to carry the statues. This feeling of being immersed in this majestic, crowded scene will surely make you unforgettable.
Before leaving, don't forget to visit equally interesting places: the small churches built by Amenhotep III and Alexander just behind the temple, the famous Avenue of the Sphinx avenue nearly 3km long with statues. Sphinx is located in front of the temple or Karnak temple - the temple of the temples in Egypt.
If you are wondering where to go in Egypt, the ancient and mysterious Egyptian Luxor temple is not a bad choice for you.

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