Journey to the legendary Nile river

It is the only river in the world that flows from the south to the north like a blue ribbon cutting across the desert, embellished by windless white sails. Travel the Nile Egypt to discover interesting things on this river!
Traveling to Egypt, you can not miss visiting the Nile thunderstorm - the legendary river that created the ancient Egyptian civilization with famous pyramids, temples, tombs ... from thousands last year. For centuries, with hundreds of years of discovery and research, historians and scientists around the world have yet to find a satisfactory answer: how did the ancient Egyptians do it or one? Certain supernatural forces have created masterpieces that still remain a mystery to this day. Why was such a brilliant civilization destroyed and only surviving the stone structures with challenging hieroglyphics. 

Traveling the Nile of Egypt is an interesting thing, you will experience many things that you feel for yourself, vibrated by the wild and seductive beauty of the landscape on both sides, by the great. 
If you only have a few days of travel to Egypt , motor boats are the best choice, but if the time allows more than 4 days, then choose a sailing boat with a sound coefficient of 0 and infinite tranquility.

Historical relocation on the Nile

Huge rocks weighing dozens of tons build the proud Pyramids that were once transported by the Egyptians with the power of the Nile. Rocks were brought back upstream by water power and human strength combined. But it is also because of that intense flow that continuous floods affect the cultivated and populated areas of the people on both sides. The Egyptian government has built a huge dam Hight Dam south of Aswan city with the purpose of making hydroelectricity and regulating the flow. The "revolutionary revolution" since 1971 has caused the Nile to lose control, engulfing many monuments, disturbing the tranquility of the Pharaohs. Not many of them are unesco's efforts to salvage, relocate, preserve and restore. The famous Abu Simbel stone temple located on the border with Sudan dates to 1260 BC the Rames II empire goes into the history of conservation of Egypt.

Tourism the Nile of EgyptThe most beautiful part of the Nile goes through the island of Agilika

In the beautiful river section of Aswan, right on the island of Agilika is the sacred temple Philae built BC for the goddess Isis. After the dam went into operation, Philae was almost submerged. During 9 long years Unesco made a miraculous shifting process to bring Isis' vestige to the shore higher than 20m and retain much of its integrity. About 300m away, there is still a gate to the temple and a stone pillar marking the site of the temple. In 2009, a 9-tonne red granite pillar dating back 2000 years was discovered at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea. This is part of the property of the temple of Isis that the water has washed away and submerged under the sea.

The Nile, the treasure of Aswan and Luxor

Tourism the Nile of EgyptYou will see temples and catacombs stretching along the banks, the gods standing at the temple gates, all facing the Nile. On the high stone walls are a series of intricately carved reliefs simulating the life of the gods, dynasties and ancient folk. The story of the Pharaohs, queens, etc. Aswan is a city with many attractions along the river when the boat arrives. Elephantine is one of the beautiful islands in the middle of the Nile, surrounded by many large rocks dating back to ancient times and used to be a bustling place for ivory boats to and fro. The most beautiful view overlooking the river is the Khnum temple dating back to 3000 BC. One of the temples of the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Haroeris Aswan is fortunate to hold at Kom Ombo.
The ancient town of Luxor in the Middle East of Egypt is famous for attracting tourists by many ancient ruins known as the center of the open-air museum. Important places not to be missed are the sacred Karnak temple, Medinet Habu temple, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Deir el-Barhi, Tombs of the Nobles, temples and Luxor museums ...

Learn about the Nile gods

The ancient Egyptians worshiped a lot of the queen and queen, but the most are still the gods from nature, shaped like a half-human and crocodile head, investment of death, snakehead and many other animals. The bas-reliefs, the ancient letters all emphasize the relationship between people and animals in ancient times. Time can make the existence of species in the wild threatened in any form but on stele their beauty is enduring. Traveling on felucca through Lake Nasser, High Dam, Aswan, Luxor also means you are taking a birding trip along the river bank.
The black alluvium layer is deposited every year to help the trees, green crops, and meadows spread smoothly. Animals and pets such as camels, horses, donkeys, cattle, goats, etc.  Flock of white pelicans, seabirds, and wild ducks are still flocking along the riverbank, in the bustling sun, as if they have stepped out of ancient stone steles. A rich flora and fauna on the water bank makes the Nile river more beautiful and more alive.
The Nile has created a brilliant civilization, forming a legendary land that is recited all over the world. That civilization is forever the pride of mankind.

Note to help you travel the Nile Egypt

The best season to visit the Nile Egypt  is from November to April, cool weather, rich vegetable food. From June to August is the desert hot season from 40 to 45 degrees Celsius.
From Cairo to Aswan by 1 hour flight, 12 hour train, 10 hour bus. The railroad line has its own private tour for foreign tourists with police-protected sleeping cabins. Most attractions have to buy tickets with prices for foreign visitors ranging from 70 to 100 EGP.
Traveling on the Nile by boat , you can communicate with the captain and crew members because they speak English fluently, have aides, serve 3 meals a day with coffee tea at any time. Guests will spend the night in a boat with mattresses, blankets and screens around the boat.
Required equipment: camera and many memory card capacities, multiple battery backups, flashlights.
Clothing: Windbreaker, light jacket, scarf, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen. You should wear simple, discreet clothes, especially for women.
There are middle-aged men in Galabeya robes standing at the door, they will follow you inside to chat, guide where to take photos and then ask for tips. If you don't want to be bothered, politely decline "La, shukran" (No thanks) in the first place and avoid smiling and answering.
Shopping in Aswan center or in Nubian village is very cheap price and you need to pay half price. Souvenirs that may be of interest to you: woolen hats and Nubian costumes, Belly dance jewelry, carpets, stone pottery ... l Commonly used Arabic words: Salaam alaykum (hello), Ma'is salaama (provisional In particular, Shukran (thank you), Ahamdolela (God bless you), Insha Alla, Low sama (please), Bikam (how much money) ...
Traveling the Nile of Egypt is an unforgettable experience, you can learn more about the country of the Pyramid and discover one of the cradles of human civilization. Interesting things still lurk in the paintings of the ancients.

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