Interesting destinations in the journey to discover the city of Aswan Egypt

Once the gateway of ancient Egypt to Africa, Aswan is a great place to get an overview of Egyptian monuments, and explore tourist attractions in the city of Aswan in Egypt!
Stretching along the banks of the Nile, Aswan is a friendly town, offering a quiet space if you've just arrived from Luxor or Cairo . Once the gateway to ancient Egypt to Africa, this is a perfect place to explore the temples, monuments and other tourist destinations in the south of Upper Egypt and the region's distinct Nubian culture. 
The best way to discover the charm of the Egyptian tourist sites of Aswan  is to hop on a felucca (traditional sailing boat) and see the town from the highway on the water that once made Aswan an intersection. The river is dotted with islands containing Nubian villages of picturesque mud bricks and surrounded by huge sand dunes of the West Bank. All are extremely photogenic, especially at sunset, when hundreds of feluccas go on the sparkling river in the sun. Let's find out more about  tourist destinations in Aswan, Egypt  !

Elephant Island

Bustling with palm tree plantations and colorful mud brick houses, Elephant Island is a tourist destination in the Egyptian city of Aswan  that attracts a great deal of tourists. To its south is the Aswan Museum and Ruins of Abu, the oldest settlement of Aswan, including the ancient Kingdom's Khnum temple and Satet temple.

The most attractive tourist destinations in Aswan, EgyptTake a boat to visit Elephant Island

Aswan's museum building is housed in a beautiful late-19th-century mansion, partially open to visitors with a collection of historic Elephant Island objects during Roman times.
After exploring the ruins, head north to the island to wander the small streets of villages in Koti and Siou, where the houses are painted in brilliant colors. From the marina on the west side of Siou Island, you can take a boat to Kitchener Island - the so-called Aswan Botanical Garden, which was once the property of Lord Kitchener, who turned it into a garden.
There are regular local ferries from the boat dock in downtown Aswan to Elephant Island, or you can also hire a felucca to sail around the island.

Abu Simbel

If you have a day's worth from Aswan, choose to visit Abu Simbel. Built by Ramses II. This place was saved from destruction by a UNESCO rescue project in the 1970s. Abu Simbel is not only a miracle of ancient architecture, but also of modern technology.
Aswan 3 hour drive way, this is a local tourist destination city of Aswan Egypt should definitely visit. It is best to take a guided tour for around 175 LE. Usually these tours depart from 4am and you will return to Aswan at noon, then spend the afternoon on other trips.  
During the tour, you will see two famous giant statues in the temple and 4 outside the statue waiting for you to explore.

Philae Temple

The sacred Isis Temple (commonly known as the Philae Temple) is one of the most incredible monuments of Upper Egypt for its intricate art of reliefs and beautiful symmetries of architecture. Like Abu Simbel, the temple saved the waters of Lake Nasser by a UNESCO rescue project by transferring it from Philae Island to nearby Agilika Island.
Isis Temple - a center of the ancient Isis sect that is the main part of the Philae complex. The island is also home to Hathor temples, Kiosk of Trajan and many other Roman and Byzantine buildings. The temples are easily accessible by taxi from Aswan, but it is best to choose it as part of the Abu Simbel day tour.

Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam is the most controversial construction project of modern Egypt. Beginning in 1960 and taking 11 years to complete, the dam was President Nasser's project and the greatest achievement and was achieved through funding and technical assistance from the Soviet Union.
The dam took 42.7 billion cubic meters of rock (17 times the volume of the Cheops Pyramid) with a total length of 3.6 km. It is 980 meters thick at the base and 40 meters at the top. The average volume of the dam reservoir (Lake Nasser) is 135 billion cubic meters with a maximum capacity of 157 billion cubic meters.
The dam brings great benefits to the country, sustains hydroelectric power throughout the country and increases the amount of arable land in Egypt. As a result, it ended the annual Nile flood and the creation of Lake Nasser (the largest artificial lake in the world) wiped out much of the legacy of Upper Egypt as the water level rose.

Souq area

The Aswan downtown area, Sharia el-Souk is a souvenir lover's dream, an  interesting tourist destination in the city of Aswan in Egypt  . The stalls are filled with spices and galore perfumes, traditional galebeyas (long robes) and brightly colored scarves and silverware. It is an interesting place to explore the hustle of a traditional Upper Egypt market.
Here you can buy jewelry and needlework from Nubian, which showcases the different culture of the people of Upper Egypt. And if you can try drinking karkadai it will be a wonderful experience from the dark red hibiscus (hibiscus) that you can buy to make a drink at home.
In addition, a perfect experience in Aswan that you should try is to visit the restaurant Panorama Hotel Movenpick Resort Aswan when the sun sets over the Nile River, you can witness a beautiful scene while enjoying the food. 

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