Fascinated by the beauty of the Egyptian White Desert - a natural gift

Currently, the White Desert is becoming one of the places that attracts many tourists to visit when traveling to Egypt because of its unique, mysterious beauty.

Introducing the Egyptian White Desert

The White Desert , also known as Farafra, is located in Northern Farafra Oasis, about 570 km from Egypt's capital Cairo, with an area of ​​about 3,010 km2.
According to the scientists' study, the location of this desert area was once the sea, after the sea receded, the shells of shells remained inert along the cliffs, over time they eroded. Unique statues like today. In other words, this place was formed from the Cretaceous. 
With the white color of sand dunes and huge natural stone structures, this place attracts many Egyptian tourists  every year to visit.

Spectacular views of the Egyptian White Desert

If the Sahara desert is famous for year-round sun, wind and sandstorm, then the Egyptian White Desert attracts visitors by a strange and elegant white color. Even the sand also brought a pure white, smooth as snow.
What makes sure you find it very interesting to come here is that every time, every area is different, the sand also has a different color: when it is pure white like cotton, when it comes to a gentle cream, Sometimes it suddenly turns golden brown.
But perhaps, the most outstanding as well as attractions to visitors here are the huge natural cliffs or the "rocks" stretching all over the vast space of the vast desert. Weathering phenomenon has made the rocks bring different magical shapes, depending on the imagination of the observer.
There are rocks like a mushroom, some like an umbrella, another like a giant spear ... Meanwhile, the same rocks, looking this way look like a bird, turn to the other direction. Like a rabbit, a chick or a camel kneeling ... Therefore, it just wants to urge you to go forever to visit and visit.
In the midst of the vastness of the earth, the harshness of the storm, the constant rotation of time, yet they stand still, the horns attract all eyes and become the symbol of the place.
In particular, for the people of Egypt, they always believed that inside those strange, unique shapes of stone pillars also contained a tomb of a mysterious god in ancient Egyptian legends, Bring many curses and holiness. 
And perhaps, the scene on the Egyptian White Desert becomes most fanciful especially at sunset, when the sun gradually turns bright red, shines weak rays of sunlight into the space, illuminating each layer of white sand , each stone creates a scene that you will never forget.
The polymorphic stones gradually change color: when the light pink color, when red, sometimes through a little pale purple, then you will have to say that "heaven is here.

Exciting experiences in the Egyptian White Desert

With the advantage of being completely dreamy, you can sandboard, climb mountains or even just walk around, see rocks and record footage, beautiful photos of the place. This fairy is your trip was extremely attractive already. 
However, if you've set foot in this White Desert, you must definitely experience once camping and spending the night here.
In the moment when the sun disappears under the horizon, the sky turns black, the moonlight shines silver rays into space, lying on the sand and watching the sky twinkling with the stars, surely you will find yourself As if floating in between the fanciful galaxies.
Under the shimmering scenery that was sitting around the campfire, chatting, singing and dancing with friends, life is no longer regret.
A small note when you come to Farafra White Desert is not to touch or sign, write names on the cliffs here, because that will probably lose its inherent natural beauty.

How to get to the Egyptian White Desert

Blessed with a favorable location right next to the Farfara oasis, visiting the Egyptian White Desert is easy. First, go to the town of Farafra or the Baharya oasis, then contact the desert tour directly from the tour organizers here. Should ride in groups of five or more to get a more discounted price.

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