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Experiences in Egypt that you should not ignore

Experiences in Egypt that you should not ignore

Egypt - the cradle of ancient civilization, where there are many wonderful things you need to discover. Come and join the Egypt experience is very interesting that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to come to this country.
If anyone has ever read the series "One Thousand and One Nights" then surely everyone will feel Egypt is a very mysterious country with famous, mysterious and attractive stories. Not only is dduocj dubbed the source of ancient human civilization, Egypt is also home to one of the 7 greatest and most mysterious times of ancient times of the world, the pyramid of Giza. Coming to explore Egypt, besides visiting famous landmarks, do not forget to explore the amazing experiences in Egypt .

Don't miss out on the wonderful Egypt experience

Riding a camel in the desert

Egypt - a country with 94% of the area is desert, the movement here will be very different from other countries. Camels - the main means of transportation if you want to cross the desert here. This experience is considered one of the things that attract a lot of visitors, you need to have "steel spirit" to sit on the backs of soaring camels.
You will feel extremely excited when sitting on the back of a camel, swaying between the vast desert with soaring sand dunes will be one of the extremely interesting experiences in Egypt  . 
A small note for everyone that is, when climbing up and down when sitting on the back of the camels, then hold on to it, do not let yourself fall under the hot sand. Also, don't forget to pay the price before going for a walk with a camel, you wouldn't want your "tight guillotine" taste, right?

Visiting Luxor temple and Karnak temple

The temples of Luxor and Karnak are two large temples used to worship the sun god Amun - Ree and the wife of the sun god. Inside these two temples are carved with vivid and mysterious animal decorations. This is also the largest temple complex that still exists today in Egypt and this is also one of the important archaeological sites of the country "One Thousand and One Nights". 

Experiences in Egypt that you should not ignoreEgyptian Karnak Temple (Image: @petrasik_viktoriya)
The indigenous people of Egypt all believe that, if you could go 3 times around the large statue of a bug placed in the temple yard in a counter-clockwise direction and sincerely pray, then happiness would smile. with that person. Come now to visit and discover interesting things in Egypt .

Admire the amazing beauty of Muhammad Ali Cathedral

If you have the opportunity to visit the capital of Egypt, do not miss the famous Muhammad Ali cathedral in this city. Muhammad Ali Cathedral was built inside the Citadel in Cario in the first half of the nineteenth century from 1830 to 1848 under the direction of Muhammad Ali in memory of his deceased eldest son.
This cathedral was a symbol of the independence of Egypt at that time and of the Ottoman Empire at that time. This cathedral has a very unique architecture, this place is extremely sanctuary with a lot of typical features of the country of Egypt, which is clearly shown from the long corridors, prayer areas along with many The beautiful meticulous motifs are shown right on the stone pillars, the walls. 

Visit the pyramidal architectural complex of Giza

One of the experiences in Egypt that you should not miss is to visit and take photos at the Giza pyramid architecture complex . This complex was built in the 26th century BC, consisting of three famous pyramids, the famous Cheops, Chephren and Myycerinus. In particular, the Cheops pyramid is considered the most majestic pyramid of the 90 existing pyramids in this country. 
Located in a remote desert, you will surely be surprised to see from afar an ancient wonder of the world - the pyramid of Khufu as hidden as it appears before your eyes. 

Visit the Valley of the Kings

Visiting the valley of the kings is one of the experiences in Egypt that many tourists are interested in, this place attracts many tourists every year to visit. The valley of kings in an extremely famous valley in Egypt. The valley is located west of the Nile and opposite to the city of Luxor today. This is the resting place of Pharaons of the mighty invention. Accordingly, there are many Pharaons buried in large tombs built from the 16th to the 11th century BC. 
Not only Pharaon but also Empress, royal members, officials and senior priests are buried here. Most of the tombs buried here are located deep underground. Each tomb in the valley of the kings is decorated gaudy, sumptuous. In addition to the mummy of the tomb owner, there are also many valuable burial items such as gold, silver, jewels, ... also found. Here you will admire the intact pictures of colors and scenes of a glorious past here. 
A small note that when you come here you will not be photographed and only selected to visit 3 of the more than 60 tombs have been unearthed by archaeologists. 

Learn how to make papyrus

Papyrus - Papyrus paper is considered one of the characteristics of the Egyptian people. To make this special paper, people cut Papyrus into long pieces, peeling the outside and using the foam core inside. Then they very thinly rolled the foam core and soak them in water for 3 days to remove the sugar in the tree core. After that, people will take this finished product to squeeze out the water and put them into layers. 
There are two types of papyrus: rough, cheap and premium paper. Cheap, coarse paper will be used for packaging. A more expensive, high-quality paper will be used for religious, artistic, literary and even mummified purposes. If you have the opportunity to travel to Egypt , remember not to miss the chance to go to Papyrus papermaking area, this is considered one of the extremely interesting experiences in Egypt. 

See mummies in the National Museum

Referring to Egypt, besides the pyramid, this country is also famous for "mummies". And you will definitely be startled when you visit the very special room located on the second floor of the National Museum of Egypt - where there are still preserved mummies of Pharaohs and queens with limbs. The secret is still perfect from hair, teeth to veins on my hands. 
A small note that if you want to visit this special room, you will have to pay about 100 more Egyptian to be able to set foot here. And you will get a half discount if you have a student ID too.

See Qaitbay Fort

Qaitbay Fort was built in the 14th century by Sultan Qaitbey to protect Alexandria from the invading Ottoman empire. This is considered one of the famous buildings in the city of Alexandria .
Experiences in Egypt that you should not ignoreEgyptian Qaitbay Fort (Image: @ charmboutique4)

This ancient fortress has long lost its military function and has since become a small naval museum. Even so, this place is still a tourist destination in Egypt that many tourists visit

Enjoy the dates

Dates are a specialty of the tropics, originating mainly from the Mediterranean region. Today, dates have become a popular food around the world. 
The date trees in Egypt have 3 to 10 bunches and each cluster has a different color, some trees are green, some trees are red purple, and others have yellow eyebrows, but when ripe, the fruit all have the same black. You can also try eating fresh dates or buying dried dates to enjoy the delicious taste of this fruit. 
Above is the experience in Egypt that you should try once if you have the opportunity to visit the country of Egypt - the cradle of civilization in this world. Please share with us more special things in this country after your discovery and experience travel. 

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