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Experience great food at the best restaurants in Cairo - Egypt

Experience great food at the best restaurants in Cairo - Egypt

Coming to Cairo, you not only enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Egypt, but also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes in the restaurants in Cairo especially interesting.

List of the best restaurants in Cairo

Cairo capital of Egypt with ancient tourist sites, modern and busy streets gives you a true trip. An experience not to be missed is to eat and drink at one of the best restaurants in Cairo along the Nile along with the special Arabic music. The choices below will help you have a memorable meal!

Sequoia in Zamalek

Sequoia is undoubtedly one of the most famous restaurants in Cairo , with a unique location on the Nile and it changes every time for a truly unique experience on this legendary waterfront. The beautiful view of the modern Arab restaurant is definitely a must-see plus with wooden tables and chairs, small trees and soft lighting that create a special atmosphere.
There are Mediterranean cuisine from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Greece ... Sequoia is one of the top reasons to visit. Cairo as quoted by Travel & Leisure international hotel and travel magazine. 

Taboula Garden City

Although Taboula now has several branches, Garden city is still the best place. A Lebanese restaurant with a typical Egyptian atmosphere. The restaurant's mezza menu is enough to please all the palate, its main dish is very attractive.
This Cairo restaurant is a mix of fine cuisine, courteous service and a relaxed atmosphere. Located under the ground, this place is a little hard to find, but all locals know it, so ask around when coming close to this area to find a restaurant quickly.

Tabla Luna

The restaurant in Cairo is rated as one of the best Latin American restaurants in the heart of Cairo, Tabla Luna offers both modern and classic dishes, such as aji de gallina, ceviche de camaron and desserts. The dish comes from countries like Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia and Ecuador, and uses traditional organic ingredients. With a festive yet casual setting and a Latin American flavor, this is the place to enjoy the variety of Latin American cuisine in Cairo.

The most attractive restaurants in CairoTabla Luna

Andrea Mariouteya

Andrea Mariouteya, where guests feel like in a dream with classic Spanish architecture and decor, creates a strange and captivating atmosphere of Spain to Cairo. With its location on one of the most popular beaches in Egypt, it is not uncommon for this Cairo restaurant to win the hearts of any tourist.
Guests enjoy the taste of Spanish dishes such as marinated chicken, tortilla Espanola served with delicate salad or grilled octopus salad made from the secret herbs of Andrea Mariouteya. The food is accompanied by traditional Egyptian bread baked, making the experience of visitors in Andrea Mariouteya a once-in-a-lifetime memory.

La Bodega

Located in the famous Boehel building, La Bodega is both a French and Mediterranean cuisine venue, providing an elegant atmosphere for guests to enjoy food. The dining room is surrounded by décor of the 1930s.
When it comes to the menu, guests have a variety of lunch options such as eggplant haloumi combination; roasted duck in orange sauce; Beef burger, or dinner menu, including classic luxury dishes like Carpaccio or Spicy squid.

Quay Lounge

The restaurant in Cairo has now become one of the friendliest and quality dining spots in central Cairo, the atmosphere at Quay Lounge is where family and friends go there to relax and enjoy a creative meal. Combined with the best Egyptian coffee. Whether sitting on modern chairs and tables or on comfortable couches, guests can enjoy a varied menu from the Middle East to Italian cuisine. On sunny days, guests can also dine on the outdoor terrace while overlooking the Nile stream.


By turning the famous Egyptian street food into great delicacies while using the freshest local ingredients at Zooba. Whether you are a frequent visitor or a first-time visitor, many exciting flavors await you. Special dishes include Zooba's whole-grain koshari, chicken liver hawashi or sakalans bread is a type of fresh bread made by Zooba's oven. With its colorful décor and casual outdoor setting, along with a commitment to providing healthy cuisine, Zooba is a gem to explore in Cairo.
You can enjoy all the Arabic, Mediterranean and European dishes at restaurants in Cairo depending on your taste and experience a great culinary atmosphere in these restaurants!

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