Discover tourist destinations on the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula

"Egypt's paradise" is the way people want to name the Sinai peninsula, the area between Africa and Asia. Southern Sinai is now Egypt's brightest tourist destination, with Sharm El Sheikh serving as the central gateway. Let's find out the locations of Sinai peninsula Egypt below!
Sinai Peninsula Egypt is currently a prominent tourist destination of Egypt with 5-star resorts located in the south, not only that you have the opportunity to enjoy a great holiday with the sea and sand, diving. Discover the coral reefs of the Red Sea, tour deserts or meet traditional Bedouin culture and climb Mount Sinai to watch the sunrise on St Catherine's Monastery. Here are suggestions for the most interesting tourist destinations in the Sinai peninsula of Egypt.

The place of interest in Sinai peninsula of Egypt

City Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh (Sharm Ash Shaikh) begins as a small fishing village known by divers as a secret discovery. Today, the secret is well known, as the resort town has grown to become Egypt's largest and fastest growing holiday destination. While the towns along the Nile focus on their cultural and historical links to attract tourists, Sharm Ash Shaikh boasts affordable sun, sea and sand - perfect for The tourists love sunbathing and love the waves.
What used to be a village is now a series of resorts along the coast. The distance between the resorts makes it difficult to walk - especially in hot weather - but there are many taxis and minibuses running along the highway which is the Peace Road, connecting all of them. Sharm El Sheikh city advertises itself as "Peace City" - the venue for international peace conferences, held at major resort hotels.

Naama Bay

This Sinai peninsula tourist destination is the main tourist hub of Sharm city, with its busy shopping centers, crowded restaurants and the busiest bars and nightclubs. This is where most people come to eat outside of their hotel and many surrounding hotels. From the end of the afternoon, Naama Bay was really bustling, with cheerful offers at many bars, some of which have terraces with great views.

Ras Mohammed National Park

At the southernmost tip of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula , Ras Muhammad National Park separates the two bays and has a special nutrient-rich water flowing in strong currents, attracting various large and small fishes, especially among the summer month.

Discover tourist destinations on the Egyptian Sinai PeninsulaRas Mohammed National Park

Considered one of the top diving destinations in the world, it includes several marine ecosystems and is home to over 1,000 species of fish, marine animals and corals. Deep pools can be explored with full diving equipment or simply snorkel here. Those who do not want to dive can glimpse this water-filled world on a glass-bottomed boat or submarine tour. Ras Muhammad is also the coastal environmental protection area here, including rare mangrove forests with abundant bird life.

Mount Sinai

A pilgrimage site for generations on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt , Mount Sinai (2,285m) has been a place of Christian worship as early as 527 AD, when Emperor Justinian built a small orthodox monastery there. . Known locally as Jabal Mosa or Moses Mountain, this is said to be where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. For many Christians, Jews and Muslims, this is a very sacred place.
From the monastery there are two main routes to climb 700m to the top, winding in a steep way up a narrow ravine from behind the monastery, passing through the two main gates. Other routes, less steep, continue through the valley through the monastery and winding around the ridge. It's called Sikket Al Basha, named after Pasha Abbas I. It's also known as a camel race, because people can ride camels almost to the top, then climb just a few hundred steps to the top. .

St Catherine's Monastery

One of the most popular and interesting day trips in the Egyptian Sinai peninsula provided by tour operators in Sharm Al Sheikh is a visit to St Catherine's Monastery (visitors must wear clothes) discreet, with arms and legs covered), beneath Mount Sinai. The monastery is only open in the morning, so requires early start or an overnight stay in the nearby town of St Catherine. Another option is to visit the monastery on the way down from a night of climbing Mount Sinai.
The monastery complex, still inhabited by a community of Greek Orthodox monks, concentrated at St Catherine's Church, dating from 552 BC. The church contains a number of monastic treasures donated by wealthy benefactors.
The richly decorated icons have great icons drawn by Belorussian Jeremias in 1612, but 6th-century mosaic paintings on the library's ceiling and the library of ancient manuscripts are features. The most impressive of the church. St Catherine's skull is housed in a marble tomb from the 18th century.

Resorts of Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba

Tourism development on the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula is concentrated mainly along the east coast in the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. Both Dahab and Nuweiba are prosperous resorts but are still less developed than Sharm al-Shaykh. Both are well equipped for diving, windsurfing and other water sports. At the northern end of Sinai is the Taba resort, with several large hotels, marking the Egypt-Israel border.
With many interesting destinations, this area is becoming one of the highlights of Egyptian tourism, attracting tourists everywhere especially during vacations, coming here is a cheap, quite special option.

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