Discover super interesting things about Egyptian civilization

Originating from the legendary Nile river, Egyptian civilization has developed extremely brilliantly, is dubbed the cradle of human civilization and contains super interesting things that until now the world has yet to explore all.
The attraction of Egyptian tourism comes from the amazing natural wonders, unique cultural relics and history of the mysterious Pharaon dynasties, and especially the Egyptians who make great tourism. 

Ancient Egyptian civilization - the cradle of human civilization

Country Egypt English name Egypt, officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country intercontinental, from both North Africa and Southwest Asia, because of the geographical location should specifically document Egyptian chemistry has interference between many regions, typically Greece, Arab, Persian, Roman, and even Europe.
Egypt is famous throughout the world with famous wonders such as the legendary Nile, the majestic pyramids, the ancient civilization and the hidden mysteries.
Egyptian civilization was formed and developed very early, starting around 3150 BC, under Pharaon Narmer - the first king of Egypt. The subsequent Pharaoh dynasties also contributed to the country's prosperous development, creating remarkable achievements in agriculture, religious beliefs, construction techniques, astronomy, literature and art ...
Because of these things, ancient Egyptian civilization was dubbed the cradle of human civilization, attracting the search and discovery not only of tourists but also of science and academia.

Discover super interesting things about Egyptian civilizationAncient Egyptian civilization has been dubbed the cradle of human civilization. Photo: quynh.ngoxuan

Discover interesting things about Egyptian civilization

Over 5,000 years of existence, the achievements of ancient Egyptian civilization have left many successive inventions, and many extremely valuable heritage. World famous literary works "One thousand and one night ”once said those who have not been to Egypt are considered as unknown to the world, indeed, many people yearn to set foot in Egypt once to see the Nile river - the source humanity, or the massive and monumental pyramid system, tombs, temples, and especially to experience the exciting things about this country with the oldest civilization in the world!

Egyptian civilization is associated with the legendary Nile

You may not know, Egyptian civilization has another name is the Nile civilization ( the Nile civilization).
Back in history, more than 5 thousand years ago, ancient Egyptians settled and built a life on the Nile basin, a river longer than 6,000 km with abundant water, fertile soil. 
The legendary Nile River has brought life to the people, and especially contributed to the formation and fostering of the flourishing Egyptian civilization. That is why the Nile has a very important role in the life and consciousness of the Egyptians, becoming a sacred body that was worshiped and protected extremely carefully,
Nowadays, traveling to the Nile is the leading and indispensable experience in any Egyptian tourist trip.

Pyramids - the great pride of Egyptian civilization

The pyramids are the tombs of Pharaohs and his wife. As of 2008, course researchers have found 138 pyramids across Egypt.
It is interesting to note that most of the pyramids are built on the left bank of the Nile, as this is where the sun sets and rises every day, and is important for the afterlife in myth. 
The most impressive thing of the Egyptian pyramid is that it was built extremely elaborately, using a huge amount of stone weighing up to millions of tons, to this day people still wonder How could the ancient Egyptians transport these heavy blocks and calculate them so precisely that they fit together? Thanks to that skillful construction technique, these pyramids can exist for thousands of years until now.
It can be seen that the pyramid is not only a symbol of Egyptian civilization but also the pride of the whole world. Many people still dream of yearning to visit Egypt to see the huge pyramids, to feel the resonance from thousands of years ago. Some special pyramids that visitors can explore such as the Giza pyramid population - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the oldest Djoser pyramid, the heaviest Kheops pyramid in the world ...

Religious beliefs were an important part of ancient Egyptian civilization

Referring to ancient Egyptian civilization , religious beliefs were an extremely important part. From the very beginning, the Egyptians put their full faith in the gods and the world after death, and they tried to build temples and worship them secretly and respectfully.
It is very interesting that the Egyptian gods often take the shape and characteristics of the animals, the sacred animals representing the gods, including oxen, jackals, crocodiles, and scarab. Cats are extremely spiritual animals in this ancient civilization, they are loved and mummified, worshiped after death. The Egyptian gods often feature human bodies and animal heads.
The ancient Egyptians strongly believed in life in the afterlife, they were extremely careful in preparing for their deaths with mummification, burial possessions upon death, and especially the construction of erect the tomb.
The temple with impressive architectural construction is also an Egyptian destination that attracts a lot of tourists.

The great inventions of Egyptian civilization

With their brilliant civilization and miracles, the ancient Egyptians have left the descendants of great inventions, many of which still exist and are used to this day.
Some of the most outstanding achievements of Egyptian civilization include:
- Writing language: the first writing system of mankind was born in Egyptian civilization, using hieroglyphs carved on stone steles, then developed into a system of characters such as Alphabet alphabet to pair.
- Papyrus paper: also known as papyrus, is an important invention proving the remarkable progress of ancient Egyptians. Paper made from reeds that grow on the banks of the Nile, are durable, and are used to record important life events.
- Astronomy : the Egyptians have been instrumental in creating the calendar, identifying 12 zodiacs and constellations, and time measurement tools through the identification of sun shadows, even invented the water meter to count time. It was also the Egyptians who set out the calculation of a year with 365 days, divided into 12 months and 30 days long each month. Really very magical!
- Door locks: the first locks were created about 4000 BC, used to protect and store wealth. In the beginning, they were big and heavy.
- Beauty art: eye makeup is a popular beauty trend to this day, the Egyptians painted eyes not only for beauty but also for healing and protection from the attention of the devil. In addition, hair clippers and razors are also very interesting inventions.
- Brushes and toothpaste: think about how terrible it would be for mankind to not have brushes and toothpaste. Truly thanks to the ancient Egyptians for inventing these two amazing things.
- Anatomy: the records of human anatomy in healing of ancient Egyptians are extremely valuable documents for medicine today.


It can be seen that the Egyptian civilization is the pride of all mankind, many things including artifacts and spirits were invented from this brilliant and wonderful civilization.
The more we learn, the more we find it fascinating, the more we admire it, and more than ever it is the urge to once visit this magical country. What are you waiting for, book a tour of Egypt to witness and experience these interesting things with your own eyes!

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