Discover the best festivals in the country of Egypt

In addition to the opportunity to visit world-famous architectural works, visitors to Egypt at some time of the year can participate in the most special festivals in the country of the Pyramid like the Nile River festival.

Mysterious Nile River festival

The Nile is a famous Egyptian destination. One of the ways to express the close relationship between the life and civilization of Egypt with the Nile, we must mention the mysterious Nile festival. 
The festival stems from a fascinating legend about the goddess Aixirong, when her husband died in distress, she cried to the point that tears flowed into floods that flooded both banks of the Nile. In order to alleviate the suffering for the goddess, the people sing together, they moved her and found happiness again. Thereby, it is said that every time the river water overflows the banks of the river is the tears of the goddess rising to create alluvium to build up the river banks, the preschool gradually bloom, good food crops. 

Discover the best Egyptian festivalsThe Nile River festival is an occasion to commemorate the thanks of the goddess Aixirong

To commemorate this miracle, every time the Nile water rises, people rejoice and sing. This traditional Egyptian festival increasingly attracts tourists to mix with dances and lyrics, participate in activities with the people happily.

Interesting lantern festival

Lantern festival is a festival with a very special religious color in Egyptian culture. This festival takes place during the Indian fasting month of Ramadan with many different rituals. There are 2 main parts: the ceremony and the assembly: The ceremony is held ling, solemnly in the mosque. Particularly, the festival is an opportunity to perform various kinds of folklore, from singing, dancing and lighting up the mosques. The special thing is that the lanterns here are made entirely by hand, not only beautiful but also become very special. Egyptian lanterns are sacred symbols, popular of Egyptian Ramadan, and Egyptian tourists should definitely not miss this festival.

Moulid cultural festival

The special Moulid Festival is held in the Tanta region of the Nile Delta, in order to commemorate Ahmed El Bedawi - Sufi saint of the 13th century. The festival takes place with many different types: Part of pilgrimage, part prom, part Muslim ritual ritual. Tanta is the home of Egypt's largest Moulid Festival, with more than 3 million people coming from every year, including people as far away as Sudan. And this is also the event receiving the attention and investment of the Egyptian government.
The religious center of the festival is the mosque - where it is believed that Ahmed el-Bedawi was cremated. At the tomb of Saint Ahmed el-Bedawi, a series of devotees try to enter the state of samadhi, leave the turbulent world outside, and direct their devotion to God, the life of the saint .. During the time of this Egyptian festival , any strict Islamic doctrine of gender discrimination would not apply temporarily. 
Not only is it a journey for devotees but it can also be said that Moulid is an opportunity to enrich the people who sell plastic guns, shoes, hats ... or display many entertainment. 

Film festival in Egypt

Cairo Film Festival is a huge modern film festival that takes place every November in Egypt. If you are a loyal audience of Egyptian films, you will recognize their humane humanity; Therefore, this unique event is also a high humanity, affecting the whole world that if traveling to Egypt, tourists should not miss. One of the most anticipated Egyptian festivals .
Are you planning a trip to discover the unique festivals in the country of the Pyramid? So don't hesitate to book a good Egyptian tour right away and start the journey to discover one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

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