Come to Egypt to enjoy delicious dishes that are hard to resist!

Egypt not only makes visitors curious about ancient culture full of mysteries. Moreover, Egyptian cuisine also has unique dishes in colors and attractive flavors that are hard to resist. If traveling here, do not miss these delicious dishes!

Koshari is a special dish of Egyptian cuisine

Kushari is considered to be the national food of Egypt and is also the root of vegetarian culture. Koshari is a famous dish with a delicious and attractive flavor that makes every tourist fascinated. This dish is a perfect combination of pasta, rice, lentils, green beans and caramelized onions, and topped with tomato sauce with garlic. The people of Egypt view Kushari as a "national" dish because it is present for a long time and is popular with many people.

For over 100 years, Koshari has become the most popular lunch dish in most popular eateries to high-class restaurants in the country of Pyramids. But the interesting thing is the origin of Kushari: They do not originate from   Egyptian cuisine but are imported from England.
According to the people, Koshari is a way for families to make use of leftovers. Besides, this is also a dish that contains many nutrients and is particularly good for sleep, helping to sleep better and deeper.

Ful Medames - a must try dish

Ful Medames is one of the most typical dishes in Egyptian cuisine "attracts" visitors. To make a delicious dish, you need fava beans, olive oil, butter, spicy oil, tomato sauce, coriander ... In addition, people also decorated boiled eggs and sausages on top, served with Traditional bread makes for a memorable culinary experience.
Normally Ful medames are used for breakfast, but diners can still eat at any time of the day. You will find this dish at small shops or in restaurants serving local and middle eastern cuisine.

Umm Ali - bread soaked in milk

This simple, baked cake is a specialty of Egyptian cuisine in particular and Middle Eastern countries in general. Bread will be soaked in milk and sprinkled with raisins, almonds or hazelnuts and baked until golden brown. Umm Ali has a soothing aroma with delicate softness. The combination of a little sweet of raisins, crunchy of nuts makes diners eat forever. 

Egyptian cuisineUmm Ali - a type of bread soaked in milk

Kunafa - Egyptian dessert

Kunafa is a famous dessert in Egypt , made from a traditional thin bread. The crumbs will be covered with cream, cheese, rose water and baked until the ingredients are softly blended. When eating you will easily feel the sweet crunch from the crust, permeated with a smooth, fatty taste.
Kunafah has many other names such as knafeh, kenafeh, ... but generally only one type of cheese cake is eaten with sugar syrup. The kunafah is also related to many similarly structured cakes in Greece and Turkey. 
People often compare kunafah to the Danish pastry line, because the structure of dough is quite special and uses a lot of cheese during processing. Some Egyptian bakeries have tried variations on this dish with novel ingredients like mango, chocolate and even butter.

Hawawshi - an Egyptian style bread

Hawawshi is known as a staple food of Egyptians, including ground beef or lamb, stuffed in bread and baked to crispy. Recipe may vary from person to person. Some chefs prefer the richness that can be combined with chopped onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and spices, or added to chili and pepper.
This is a fast food that is sold a lot in tourist areas or on the street to sell to tourists, this is a fairly cheap and delicious dish that you can enjoy when traveling to Egypt.

Falafel - a famous snack in Egypt

Falafel, also known as Taameya, is a familiar fried dish in the Middle East countries, and also in Egypt. People soaked beans overnight, crushed and mixed with many spices, then molded into balls, deep fried in a hot pan of oil. When cooked, the dish has a golden brown that is extremely attractive with a faint aroma. This dish is sold at small family stores or even sold by street vendors at tourist destinations.

Karkadeh - drink made from red hibiscus flowers

This is a drink created by using dried red hibiscus flowers to boil, then cool the water, add a little sugar to dissolve. You will be fascinated by the strange tea flavor, taste between sour and extremely unique sweet. Karkadeh is loved by people because of its strong, mild aroma.
The unique feature of this drink is that the Egyptians use additional lemon juice. When you add lemon juice to your newly created hibiscus perfume, the dark red of the water will turn to a very bright red. When making this Karkade drink , people will add appropriate sugar depending on the taste. However, the amount of sugar is not too important because you can then add sugar or add water to have a mouth-watering drink right away.
In addition to processing directly from fresh flowers, Egyptians also use dried hibiscus flowers are also very popular. Even dried hibiscus flowers are also sold in many traditional markets. That is enough to show that this hibiscus drink is very popular with Egyptians.

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