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10 destinations that should be on your Egyptian tourist map - Part 2

10 destinations that should be on your Egyptian tourist map - Part 2

Still one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world today, Egypt is constantly attracting lovers to explore and learn about the country's history! Let's find out the next destination in the tourist map of Egypt!
Next 10 attractive destinations on the Egyptian tourist map - Part 1 , you have the opportunity to discover more:

6. Isis Temple (Philae Temple)

The Isis Temple was found on Philae Island and then the temple was moved to Agilika Island (and still exists today) by a UNESCO relief project when the temple was submerged in the Aswan Dam. .
The sacred Isis Temple is the main attraction in the Philae Island tourist complex and the island is also home to other Roman and Byzantine buildings and temples. The temple is dedicated to Isis - one of the oldest goddesses of ancient Egypt and was built from the Ptolemaic Kingdom period (305 BC to 30 BC). When you step into the temple you will see an 18m high tower with depictions of Ptolemy XII fighting the enemy. As you walk from tower to tower you will see artworks gradually appearing before your eyes
Isis Temple is an attractive spiritual tourist destination on the Egyptian tourist map  if you want to learn about the architecture of the oldest temples in this country. It is now thought that the last Egyptian hieroglyphs were written on the island of Philae in the late fourth century.

7. Abu Simbel - special destination on Egypt tourist map

The Egyptians knew how to ensure that the dead were remembered. A good example is the temple of Abu Simbel and the reign of Rami II. These temples surpass all other Egyptian temples in size and technique. It also receives UNESCO support to protect the Abu Simbel temples from flooding after the Aswan Dam was built.
These twin temples are carved on the ridge to commemorate Pharaoh Ramesses II and his queen Nefertari. This king built them after his victory at the battle of Kadesh during his 19th reign (13th century BC). When you stand in front of the giant guardians built in front of the temple to protect the pharaoh, you will see that their level of construction has made the whole world admired!
If possible, take a look at the reliefs inside the Hypostyle hall depicting Ramíp II's campaign against the Hittites in the battle of Kadesh. It is an ancient way of remembering the country's long history.

8. The ancient city of Edfu

Once a flourishing city in ancient Egypt, Edfu now owns one of the most striking and beautiful temples that is the Horus temple (the eagle god of the eagle). Edfu Temple is one of the best preserved temples as it was built later than most - during the Ptolemaic era between 237 and 57 BC. This is the second largest temple in Egypt after the Karnak temple.

10 destinations that should be on your Egyptian tourist map - Part 2One of the ancient temples in Edfu

This is a must-see on the Egyptian tourist map not only for its size but also for its great beauty. This massive temple was covered with sand until the 1860s, when a French archaeologist (Auguste Mariette) discovered it. Fortunately, the sand preserved the structure and protected the bas-reliefs from vandalism after pagan gods were banned in Egypt.

9. Museum of Egypt

Cairo city center is where you will find Egyptian museum. The museum is a treasure and gives you detailed insights into how the Pharaonic world used to live. Here, you'll find the treasure of King Tutankhamen, moved from his tomb from the valley of the kings.
During the 2011 revolution, the Egyptians tried to prevent stolen artifacts, which is evidence of how precious and symbolic these treasures are to history and the Egyptians. 

10. The white desert

One of the bright spots on the Egyptian tourist map is the white desert. The white desert creates unique calcium rocks that create the illusion of an iceberg-like structure in the arid Egyptian desert.
Here, you will leave the splendor of man-made in Egypt and set foot in the inspiring views of mother nature. Traveling to Egypt not only takes you back in time to the previous centuries, but you also have the opportunity to see the seemingly unreal landscapes in this world.
Along with the pyramids of Giza , the temple of Karnak , the valley of the kings, the cities of Aswan and Cairo, the above-mentioned Egyptian tourist destinations help you fully explore the history as well as the history and culture.  In addition, if you have the opportunity, riding a camel on the sand dunes, down the Nile in a sailing boat or immersed in the clear blue water of the Red Sea are also interesting highlights on the tourist map of Egypt !

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